Adoption Procedures

The adoption process involves several steps. It may seem time-consuming, but please understand that we have our dogs’ best interests at heart. We strive to find the best homes possible for our dogs, as well as find the right dog for you and your lifestyle.

  1. You must first complete the adoption application. You can submit it online, or print it out, complete, and mail it to us.
  2. Upon our receipt and review of your application, we will contact your veterinarian and references. Please make sure all contact information is up to date. We require a strong history of use of heartworm preventatives and animals being kept current on all required vaccines.
  3. If the vet check is satisfactory, a volunteer will contact you in order to make an appointment to visit your home and do a home check. Because we want the adoption process to be a total family experience, we would prefer to do the home visit when all members of the household can be present. The purpose of the home check is to see the environment where the dog will live. This is also a good time for the adoptive family to discuss any concerns or questions they may have with the SWODR representative. SWODR wants to ensure the adoptive family fully understands the responsibilities of owning and caring for a Doberman and the needs of a rescue dog.
  4. If after the home visit, it is determined that you would be a good candidate to adopt a Doberman from Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue, you will be invited to make an appointment to come out to meet and spend time with dogs that fit your needs, circumstances, and lifestyle. 
  5. When you feel you have “connected” with a particular dog, you can spend time with the dog, whether it be walking, playing, or just sitting and petting the dog.
  6. If we all agree a good match is made, and you find that special dog that you truly want to be a permanent member of your family, you will then finalize the adoption process by completing the adoption contract and an adoption donation is required at that time.
  7. You can then take your new dog home! Please bring a collar and leash for your new family member.

Checklist for your new Dog


  • Leash: A sturdy nylon or leather 6’ leash; a good two ply nylon works well.
  • Collar: A sturdy nylon or leather collar BUCKLE not quick release; for Dobermans, usually 18″, 20″, 22”.
  • I.D. tag: with your address & phone number; attach to the collar. Your dog should wear this at all times. Some pet stores have machines were you can create an ID tag immediately. The tags already on their collar must be transferred to any new collar you bring prior to leaving with your new friend.
  • Dog Food: high quality, premium dry kibble. We will advise of any special dietary needs.
  • Wet food: a small amount of high quality canned food may be added, or ideally a little chicken and chopped vegetable such as carrots and broccoli.
  • Treats: stick to bland small biscuits without preservatives and added dyes.
  • Bowls for Food and Water: Stainless steel and glazed crockery are the easiest to keep clean.
  • Grooming supplies: brush, shampoo, dog toothpaste & toothbrush, nail clippers, ear cleaner, etc.
  • Dog Bed: Every dog should have a place to call his own. Beds with the zip-off washable covers are best. Be sure to launder regularly.
  • Crate: if you need to leave your pet alone, if you are house-training, or plan to travel with your pet.
  • Bedding: You can acquire bedding at garage sales. What works best are baby blankets, or thin blankets which fit in the washing machine. Often cast-off, bulky comforters can be cut into quarters.
  • Heartworm preventative-A MUST, NO EXCEPTION.
  • Flea & Tick Treatment: Two very good ones are: Frontline, good for fleas and ticks, or Advantage, fleas only. No flea collars.
  • Toys: Be sure they are suitable toys for a Doberman! 
  • Doggie First Aid Kit
  • Nature’s Miracle and Pet Force: (Stain and odor neutralizers) specially formulated cleansers to remove the odor of urine, vomit or feces.
  • Pooper scooper: do we need to explain this one?
  • Bags for picking up dog waste: from your own yard, but especially if you plan to walk your dog elsewhere. No one wants to dodge doggie doo, so make sure you clean up after Fido.
  • Auto containment: needed if you ever plan to travel any distance with your dog.
  • Books: Get a good book about Doberman Pinschers. Also, be sure to get a good book about dog training. Well-behaved dogs don’t magically appear; they take work on your part.


  • Veterinarian: If you don’t already have a veterinarian, you’ll need to pick one.
  • Obedience Classes: Sign up right away for a basic obedience class. A MUST for every good family dog.