Adoption fees

Our adoption fees vary based on the dog’s age and are as follows:

Puppies 6 months and younger: $400

Young dogs 7 months to 2 years: $300

Adults 3-6: $250

Seniors 7 and up: $200


Our adoption fees rarely cover the costs incurred to provide the care they received from our rescue.  As we do not receive any public funds, we rely solely on adoption fees and donations to care for our dogs and all money goes to the dogs. We have no paid employees, just dedicated volunteers working to help the dogs.

**so far just in 2015 we have taken in 8 Heartworm positive dogs. The care for these dogs is at least $600 JUST FOR THE HW treatment.  That does NOT include the spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping fees. 

We have also rescued multiple dogs that required expensive surgeries, specialist veterinary care or costly meds:

  • Just one of our senior dog’s, Wesson, care was over $2000. Her adoption fee was only $200. 
  • Mallory had a broken leg and her surgery was $4000. Her adoption fee is $250
  • Maize’s care for her nasal fungal infection cost over $5000. Additionally she is HW+ Which costs an additional $600.  Her adoption fee is $250

These are just a few examples of veterinary costs for some of our dogs. There are multiple others that cost over $1000 just this year.  That does not include the basic costs of food, housing (including heating/cooling), monthly HW preventative, flea and tick control, etc. And of course, most of those adoption fees are only $200-300.