Hope came to SWODR Kentucky. Her owner had Alzheimer’s and a grandson took over her care. However he did little to help this poor girl and instead put her in a pen with large dogs that attacked her and put her in a state of peril. When food was available she got little to none as her abusive pen mates gobbled it up before she could get a morsel. She was days away from death when we got her into our care. Her luck changed swiftly that day, and after getting her medically sound, she was placed in a loving foster home where she started to bloom. When that foster had to switch her out due to her work schedule, she went right to another foster with a dober-girl to play with. Blooming has continued! She loves to run the large yard with her girl buddy and sit in the clover-ed grass like Ferdinand the Bull, smelling the flowers. She seeks out attention and does the gentle nudge with her pink snout for an ear rub (and what lovely ears you have girl!). Also loves a soft couch and naps. And hugs. Would do very well in a home with a female who is sweet and playful that she can look up, to or a goofy red boy too. Still gets scared by unfamiliar or sudden noises and she may never truly let her past terrors leave her, but please, won’t you reach out your arms and give and get so much love from this lovely girl?

Visitors are always welcome, by appointment only.

NOTE: An adoption application MUST be submitted in order to be considered to adopt a dog through our program.