Materials Donation

If you would like to donate items to Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue, call (513) 553-2660, or email us at You can personally deliver your donations, mail them, or we can have a volunteer pick them up. If you have questions about anything you have to offer, just let us know!

Dog Food
• Balanced, premium dog foods – dry and canned
• Premium specialty dog foods (i.e., grain free, senior, allergy, etc.)
• Treats – crunchy tartar control biscuits; grain-free treats; please no pig ears, rawhide or soft novelty chew treats

Collars and Leashes
• Dog collars – 18 to 22″ buckle type; ¾”–1” wide, sturdy, flat nylon or leather
• Dog training collars – 18 to 22″
• Gentle Leader training collars – medium and large sizes
• Sporn Harnesses – medium and large sizes
• Dog leashes – 6’ double-ply flat nylon or leather

• Advantage, Revolution or Frontline Plus flea & tick treatment for dogs
• Heartworm preventatives
• Rescue Remedy (drops)
• Various other medications & supplements – inquire

Grooming Supplies
• Shampoos and conditioners
• Specialty shampoos and conditioners (i.e., allergies, oatmeal, etc.)
• Nail clippers
• Styptic powder or gel
• Cordless Dremel tool & sanding drums
• Ear cleaner solution
• Cotton pads for cleaning ears
• Dog toothbrushes & toothpaste
• Brush for short-coated dogs

• Safe, large-breed dog toys; tennis balls, Kongs (no rope toys)

Gift Certificates
• Gift certificates for use at the veterinarian hospital used by SWODR
• Gift certificates for use at pet stores

• Clean towels, sheets, and blankets in any condition – we go through these at an incredible rate
• Large size dog beds, and large size Kuranda brand dog beds
• Dog crates – large and extra large (vari-kennels, wire crates, etc.)
• Exercise pens
• Containers – for holding dry food and treats
• Scoops – for scooping dry food
• Stainless no-tip food bowls
• Stainless no-tip water buckets
• Pooper scooper pans with rakes or spades
• Folding pet ramp for senior, arthritic or disabled dogs
• Used or “my-dog-just-didn’t-like” beds, toys, leashes and collars, etc.

Cleaning Supplies
• Laundry detergent & dishwasher detergent
• Laundry baskets
• Sponge mops, brooms, etc.
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Trash bags
• Brown paper grocery bags
• Nature’s Miracle stain and odor neutralizer

Office Supplies
• Envelopes
• Color printer supplies
• Note paper
• Inkjet printer, fax machine, & copy machine paper
• Postage stamps
• Gas Gift Cards